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Love and sexuality

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Relationships, love and sexuality are issues which humanity continues to struggle to fully understand. Without a new spiritual understanding of love and sexuality we will continue to suffer, relationships will fail and the true happiness love can bring will continue to be an unreachable dream.

The Teaching shows that men and women are reflections of the divine principles which like the union of spirit and matter create a very powerful union which raises their love to new heights and is a source of inspiration for all.

Sexual energy is a great gift, the source of our life force and supports the continuation of humanity. It can be likened to combustible fuel which if used wisely and directed towards a spiritual ideal propels us to a higher form of love which brings lasting joy, inspiration and fulfilling relationships.

Whether one chooses to be single or in a relationship, sublimation of the sexual force is a work which reaps immeasurable rewards. Repression or promiscuity both have undesirable consequences but there is a third solution. With a commitment to a high spiritual ideal and by linking ourselves to our soul and spirit we can transform our sexual energy to develop our fullest potential as human beings and to bring heaven down to earth.

Satisfaction of the sexual instinct is one of the greatest sources of pleasure a human being experiences – but it comes at a price and is transitory. By changing our attitude towards intimate relations, and considering them a spiritual work, then pleasures of a more lasting and divine nature can be experienced.

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