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Exploring the Language of Pain

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At a spiritual level all illnesses, pain, diseases, and injuries are the language of Spirit, our highest self, telling us what aspect of our lives need to be in harmony with who we are. Therefore, it is wise to examine what is behind the symptom and ask for the lesson, embrace it, and then release it. When we release core issues, the illness, pain or disease can go away.

A sickness labelled “contagious” certainly has the potential to spread, but it cannot invade the body if we are balanced and have healthy boundaries. The only time a germ or virus slips in is if we have forsaken ourselves by suppressing the sub-personalities or engaging in self-deprecating thoughts or beliefs. We can become immune to disease and balance the emotional body when we are home for ourselves by reconnecting the sub-personalities and allowing them freedom of expression.

Accidents do not occur to those who walk in balance. If we have no cause for an accident to manifest, we walk in grace, even if we are in the centre of an earthquake or hurricane. The language of pain includes injuries from accidents because there is no such thing as an accident. We masterfully manifested the incident.

If pain is the language of Spirit, what is the language of the soul? It is our feelings. When we have done something that feels wonderful, we have just lived our highest truth. If we follow our feelings, we automatically walk our highest truth.

We must be careful though when it comes to feelings, because fears can masquerade as feelings. Feelings are also frequently confused with emotions. I would like to clarify this so when we analyze the language of pain, we know the difference. Feelings are a way to access information that is not accessible to reason. Therefore, it bypasses the mind. Feelings are a non-cognitive way of getting information registered as intuitive knowing. Feelings are the right side of the brain accessing the unknown. Feelings deal with things beyond the senses and logic.

Emotion has desire as its foundation. Before feelings become beneficial for accessing the unknown, they must be free of emotion. The key is to learn to feel emotion without attachment to the outcome.
Allow yourself to experience emotions, but only on the surface. Keep in mind it is a storm in a teacup since the bottom of the ocean is peaceful. Expressing passionately is essential to keeping meridians open and creating a low electromagnetic density around the body that equates to a sacred space. It also keeps the emotional body clear. Therefore, express your emotions fully, but recognize them for what they are – a tool to push back density.
It is okay to have strong emotions as long as you release them in a constructive way that is not threatening to yourself or others.

How to Deal with Pain

When experiencing a painful situation, do not analyze it while you are feeling the initial emotion. That clouds judgment. Just experience the emotion. Afterwards, when you are calm and can access the feeling without being coloured by emotion, use the left side of your brain to see behind the appearances so you can embrace the lesson. If tangled in emotion, we may miss the lesson and then we have to create a similar circumstance later.
To change our emotions, we need to alter our perception. It works in reverse too, because altered perception causes altered emotion. The two work hand in hand.

Interpreting the Language of Pain

The following list of body parts and symptoms will assist us to recognize areas of our lives that are out of balance when symptoms manifest.

  • Breath indicates our ability to express ourselves in life. If we do not express ourselves, it is as though someone has placed a boulder on our chest and we cannot breathe. Frequently, people place the boulder onto themselves. The breath expresses our life force, so asthma patients have life force problems. Often they were stifled from expressing as children. Babies and toddlers know who they are, so they may experience tremendous frustration over being trapped in a physical body, unable to express the glory of their true identity. It is helpful to assist children to find safe avenues to explore their gifts and talents. When the life force suppresses, the breathing process becomes difficult, as is in the case with asthma.
  • The fluids of our body have to do with emotions. Blood, in particular, is the equivalent of love. The ability to love is very important. If we deliberately withhold love, we find constriction in our arteries. Hardened arteries mean hardened emotions and condition of love.
  • The heart has to do with giving love. Drawing love from the limitless supply of the universe, it should flow out through our heart. If we close our heart because of fear or from not being fully present in our body, then we begin to lose energy from our life force centre. This depletes us.

In order to insulate ourselves from this drain of energy a layer of fat could build around the solar plexus-stomach area. People who suffered from childhood abuse may use fat to insulate themselves from other people. Many people have suffered childhood sexual abuse. They learned to leave the body when things got unpleasant. If we do not stay in the body and feel, then the heart centre remains closed and we cannot fulfill our highest calling on this planet.

  • Soft tissues and ligaments reflect attitudes. Is our attitude positive? Do we frequently complain? The joints have to do with how flexible we are. The soft tissues control the affected joints.
  • The skin reflects how we interface with the world. When the skin is irritated, it is because we perceive the world as abrasive or hostile. If a boil develops, that means a specific area of our life is like a sore.
  • Bones indicate what we inherit from our parents and ancestors or what we receive from genetic memory and early social conditioning.
  • If an ailment occurs on the front of the body, that means we are aware of the issue but we have not dealt with it yet. If the ailment is on the back of the body, we are trying to put it behind us or we are not aware of it yet. If it is on the left side of the body, it has to do with our feminine aspects or with feminine relationships in our lives. Problems on the right side of the body reflect the masculine part of us or our masculine relationships.

A virus invades and breaks down our boundaries. Viruses are the result of when we allowed others to use and abuse us. The first and foremost sacred space for each of us is our body and we honour ourselves when we establish healthy boundaries.

Viruses, bacteria, and fungus invade when our sub-personalities are not healthy, happy, whole, and functioning. Fungus tends to come when we have abandoned ourselves; bacteria invades when deliberate hostile influences enter our boundaries.

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