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What’s Your Dosha?

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According to Ayurvedic theory, each person will fall into one or more of the three constitutional types, or Doshas. Each type has specific characteristics and traits. Read below to discover which Dosha best describes you.


Vata is made up of air and space. The amounts of these elements present determine how active Vata is.

Common Vata characteristics are: Creativity; mental quickness; discomfort in cold climates; tendency to have cold feet and hands; excitable; fun and lively personality. Vata also tends to have irregular daily activities and racing thoughts, tire easily and overexert quickly. They are enthusiastic, walk quickly and are known to have mood swings.

Vata types are generally underdeveloped and exhibit a slender build; are too short or too tall; and have prominent bones and joints due to poor muscle development. This type has dry, brittle nails and a hair type that is curly and sparse. Vata often has a drier and browner skin complexion than the other two Doshas.

This type has a variable appetite and craves sweet, salty and sour tastes, and also enjoys hot drinks.


The Pitta type is created by the force of fire and water.

Pitta types tend to have a medium, strong build and are of medium height. This type exhibits good concentration abilities and tends to be assertive and self-confident, but may be strong-minded when out-of-balance. Pitta is orderly and enjoys being in command. This type also enjoys a good challenge, tends to sweat more than the other types and is uncomfortable in hot weather — they  do not deal well with heat or sunlight.

Aesthetically, this type may exhibit thin, silky hair, with a tendency to turn grey earlier than other types. Pitta also boast a copper, fair, reddish or yellowish complexion; tend to wrinkle less than Vata types, and are less boney than Vata.

With a strong digestive system, this type can digest a large amount of food intake and tends to crave sweet, bitter foods and cold drinks.


Kapha represents water and earth. Characteristics of this type are: warm and loving; easy going; non-judgmental; forgiving; are slow to learn, but never forget; have a lot of energy that is able to be sustained; and tend to be possessive. Kapha types are more self-sufficient and therefore need less outside stimulation than the other types.

Kaphas have a heavier build with developed bodies and a tendency to carry extra weight. Bones are not prominent in this type. They have strong health and a strong resistance to disease.

Kapha types often have thick, dark, curly hair, with fair and bright complexions. Because of a slower digestion process, this type tends to consume less food than the other types. This type craves bitter and pungent foods. Kaphas are good sleepers, with a deep and long sleep pattern.

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