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PRO PB7 – A Prebiotic That Helps You Get the Most Out of your Probiotic

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Gut health is a major component of our immune system that is often overlooked. Gastrointestinal issues are among the most common health complaints. This can include anything from constipation, diarrhea, gas, and bloating to acid reflux, stomach pain, belching, nausea and more.

PREBIOTICS – These are oligosaccharides that serve as food for the good bacteria in our gut. They help increase the rate of production and colonization of probiotics in the intestine. Inulin from chicory root is a common prebiotic and studies have found that when it is combined with Bifidobacterium species, the protective action against pathogenic bacteria is greater with the inclusion of a prebiotic, than when the probiotic species is used alone. Therefore, if you want to get the most out of your probiotic, choose one with inulin from chicory root.

If you are travelling to a country where you are likely to come into contact with pathogenic bacteria through food or water contamination, this will be one of the most important supplements to pack! Naka Pro PB7 powder contains 6000mg of inulin from chicory root per serving.

Available in health food stores across Canada. Or order online at: https://nakapro.com/product/pro-pb7-powder/

ABOUT NAKA: Naka Herbs & Vitamins Ltd. is a leading Canadian manufacturer and distributor of premium quality herbal products for the health food market. Founded in 1991, Naka’s success has been built upon introducing innovative supplements in liquid or easy-to-swallow capsule forms designed to meet the better health needs of consumers worldwide. Our commitment to providing superior quality and value, plus excellent customer service, has helped to make Naka a trusted national brand in the health food trade.

Naka is proud to be an exclusive distributor of Germany’s Anton Hübner herbal product lines. Anton Hübner is world renowned for their Silicea Gel, Milk Thistle (Mariendistel), IronVital F® and other high-quality natural herbal supplements.

Mike Nacachian, President and founder of Naka Herbs & Vitamins Ltd., is relentless in his pursuit to provide consumers with quality herbal products. Innovation is what best describes our strong presence in the Canadian health food market – innovation in research and a commitment to being a leader in introducing exciting new products that meet the changing health demands and needs of society. Utilizing the resources of a naturopathic doctor and master herbalist, Naka’s formulas are developed to provide consumers with the best supplements containing balanced, full-spectrum combinations of high-quality herbs and extracts.

The superior absorption and effectiveness of Naka’s advanced liquid herbal formulas, such as Nutri-Flex and Vital Greens, have made them the preferred choice of health-conscious people. High-quality herbs, standardized extracts and certified organic ingredients are featured in many of our supplements. All Naka products are tested by Analytical Laboratories to fulfill strict government requirements and provide superior quality assurance.

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