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Navigating Through the Energies of 2017

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Happy new year! As we move into the newness of 2017, let’s remember that we don’t need to repeat or echo the old energies of last year. Numerologically, 2017 represents a “one” year which characterizes ‘new beginnings’. On January 8, the intense Mercury Retrograde ended, signifying January 9 as an opportunity to move into a new world for those who have the intention and consciousness to do so.

Last year, 2016 was a “nine” year which exemplifies the completion of a cycle. As last year was so tumultuous, some say it was our real ‘2012’ – the Mayan concept of ending an old world and eventually transitioning to a new one.

Our Role

As ‘Lightworkers or Agents of Transformation’, we need to unite more than ever and re-commit to our purpose for being in the world at this point in time, so that love and light prevail, which they always and eventually do. We have shown up during this epic time in history so that we can be the ‘way showers’ of navigating through these challenging times and holding a higher energy than the palpable fear that is in the collective unconscious or planetary thought form. We also need to see through the deception, illusion, and distortion that is so evident on the planet – whether it be through certain political processes, social media, the news cycle, or ‘fake news’ so that we are not manipulated by it.

Darkness is Exposed

The darkness on the planet is exposed now and right on the surface, which means it is up for healing (we cannot transform anything that is hidden, buried, or unconscious). All the ‘isms’, such as racism, sexism, religious discrimination, misogyny, and xenophobia are no longer concealed in the world’s underbelly but alive and well, glaring at us in the face. We need to act further on improving civil rights, since they did not reach the necessary threshold for sustainable change as established in the 60’s (although it was a great start).

Since the darkness is so obvious, contrasted by the light, here lies an opportunity for healing, the hidden gift and silver lining from recent world events and the messaging from various mouthpieces that dominate. The mouthpieces, by the way, only reflect the consciousness of the masses and have been able to adeptly tap into it. If it was not there, they could not get away with their appalling rhetoric.

Love and Light Above Fear

We can assume that there will be more chaos, craziness, and antics in the world this year, and our role is to remain centered and calm in the midst of it. We were all blindsided by various world situations which caught us offguard late last year. But that need not be the case any longer. It is important for us to stay at our posts and hold love and light rather than being swayed by the acting out of certain sectors.

More positively, let us assume that humanity will continue to progress and evolve as it did last year (although we might not have felt it) in terms of better global health, less violence, more species removed from the ‘endangered’ list, and more conservation and political progress in certain parts of the world (all according to “Future Crunch” – a reliable source on good world news). This is what we want to identify with and foster, along with holding light and love and rising above fear.


There is so much polarization on the planet now with a swing to the extreme right, more patriarchal energy, nationalization and anti-globalization due to fear, greed, refugees, xenophobia and wanting to go backwards to better times instead of moving forward.

However, in times of transformation we often take a few steps backwards in order to move forward. We all have a unique role to play in this transformational process of the planet and we do not have to lose our grounding due to the polarization. You may be challenged by it and find it necessary to move through it and rise above it. We really have no other choice or fear will consume us.

How to Navigate

1) Continue to do what you have always done on your spiritual journey and remember the positive power we hold as a unified group.

2) Pray and meditate. These practices have been scientifically proven to help transform the planet, particularly in areas of unrest.

3) Dedicate yourself to your spiritual practice.

4) Be patient. I have been in this field for 30 years and am still eager to see more progress.

5) Get involved in civil rights, marches, and peaceful demonstrations if you resonate with this. For example, hundreds and thousands of women marched in Washington on January 21 to promote female rights and equality. Even many Canadian women made the trip down to participate.

6) The opening of your heart is essential to this process.

7) Keep aligning body, mind and spirit

8) Be authentic, real, and aware of what is running through your consciousness.

9) Integrate your inner female and male for balance. Let them work in unity and synergy instead of conflicting with one another.

10) Become aware of when you slip into fear, don’t stuff it but move through it and realign.

11) Do not tolerate any form of prejudice and discrimination. Research has proven, however, that we all have some of this, albeit mostly unconscious. Become aware of any inner subtleties.

12) Monitor your new consumption and be discerning.

13) Cultivate cooperation instead of competition.

14) Seek to come from love, compassion, empathy, respect, harmony, and non-judgment.

15) Self-care and caring – nurture yourself and others.

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